Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Middays with Murph on Hot 101.9

Erik (“Murph”) Murphy hosts Middays with Murph on Hot 101.9 (WHTE). Murph is a HUGE fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. He thinks Kirk Cameron is the greatest actor of all time. He likes Grizzly Bears, but dislikes for Polar Bears. Erik likes Las Vegas, playing kickball on Sundays, and watching the Simpsons and The Office. He also enjoys reading “Choose Your Own Adventure Books” with indecisive people.

If you like Paris Hilton, you probably won’t get along with Eric. If you know Jessica Alba or Megan Fox, then he would like to hang out with you sometime. He likes Haikus, Carnies, and especially, writing Haikus about Carnies. Murph has great friends, and is always eager to meet new and interesting people. His biggest heroes are his Mom and Dad, and that masked stranger who pulled him from the burning building.

I asked his friend and co-worker P J Styles how he would best describe Murph, and he told me: “asinine, juvenile.....and breathtaking.” Reach Murph at: or Facebook (search for Erik Murphy).

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