Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet Our Personalities: He's the Dude

Kerry James, our very own “Dude” at TOM@107.5, plays “Anything, Anytime” … a philosophy on which Kerry has lived his whole life. This could explain why he’s still single.

Kerry grew up in Staunton and moved to Richmond at 18 to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. He spent six “glorious” years there (all of them undergrad) studying Theatre and Mass Communications. Ask Kerry what he remembers most about college, and he says, “It’s the only time in your life when you get unlimited food and sleep……oh, yeah, I guess you gotta go to class every now and then, too.”

Despite what he says, he did go to class, and one day on his way to Kegorator Construction 101, he discovered the student radio station. “This has to be more fun than sleepin’”, thought KJ. Sure enough it was, and he was hooked.

When Kerry finished VCU in December of ’96, he embarked upon his career in broadcasting. For nine years, he worked in Richmond radio and TV including news and airborne traffic reporting – picking up acting gigs when he could get them. Kerry moved to Charlottesville a few years ago which led him to spin country music. He’s on afternoons on TOM@107.5 now. Over the years, it truly has been a little bit of “Anything, Anytime” for the Ol’ KJ.
For those of you already acquainted with Kerry, you know where he hangs out when he’s not on the radio. So, he’ll definitely see you around. Or you can email him at

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