Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lisa Plays Radio

Lisa Allen, our afternoon DJ and Program Director on WCYK, grew up in South Florida. While other kids were swimming and playing tennis, she would hang out at home with her huge record collection, playing guitar and singing along with her favorite tunes. She really wanted to be a rock star, but soon realized that her guitar playing and singing weren’t very good, so she’d better come up with a different plan.

After high school, Lisa enrolled in Broward Community College to pursue an accounting degree, but still wanted to be involved in music. While attending classes, she became friends with one of the personalities at her favorite radio station, and after completing her degree, decided to attend the same broadcasting school that her friend attended. Maybe she couldn’t sing, and couldn’t play guitar very well (or keyboards, or banjo, or violin… all instruments she abandoned along the way), but she knew she could play records like a pro…plus she had a vast knowledge of all kinds of music to share with anyone who would listen. Radio became her new career goal.
She soon landed her first on-air job in the Florida Keys and never looked back, working in Panama City, West Palm Beach and Miami. As much as she loved being on the air, she wanted more responsibility and authority, so she took a job as Program Director in Augusta, Maine. More Program Director positions followed in Columbia, MO, Frederick, MD and now at WCYK. Lisa enjoys playing guitar (when nobody is listening); cooking, reading and taking long walks with her dog on a nice day.

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