Monday, July 6, 2009

Steve Walker Fascinated With His Voice

Steve Walker hosts mornings at “generations 102.3, the music for your generation.” He tells me that he has been fascinated by his own voice since he was a teenager. He found talking to his two children and wife at home just wasn’t enough to satisfy his urge to hear his voice, so he took to being on the radio, bothering thousands at a time. Steve has been waking folks up on the radio since 1978, and the only downside he proclaims is getting up at 3:30am. We’re glad that he does!

Steve’s other passions, besides family, include motorcycles, shooting, hunting, cutting firewood, and work. Look for him on that motorcycle on sunny days.

Steve also has a love for helping out charities. One of his favorites is giving blood. A motorcycle accident causing him to need four pints of blood to stay alive got him focused on blood donation. Steve has since repaid his debt ten-fold.

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