Thursday, July 2, 2009

PJ Idolizes Charlottesville

PJ Styles hosts afternoons and is Program Director at Hot 101.9. He was born and raised in Richmond, VA, and lived in Chicago for awhile (this is how we do it in "the Chi!"). PJ is a JMU alum and a big Duke Football fan! He bleeds UVA orange and blue, and pulls for the Cubbies, saying, “Shut up, I know about the World Series streak.” And did you see him on TV every week during the American Idol season?

You’ll find PJ at watering holes in Cville (St. Martens, Timberwood Grill, Shebeen, Wild Wing Cafe, and yes, TGI Fridays!). In his spare time, PJ enjoys weight lifting, tennis, kickball (it rocks!), and watching crappy reality shows on TV.

Outside of Cville; he likes anywhere there's a beach, especially the Bahamas and the Outer Banks. Give him sand and surf and he’s a happy camper.

In the pet department there is one who has his heart: His Boston Terrier, Wrigley. Wrigley likes anything he can chew, including shoelaces, remotes, tissues, hands, and hair. PJ says,”His motor never stops, trust me.”

PJ’s favorite music NOT on Hot 101.9 includes Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, and pretty much all hip hop from the 90s.

PJ clams to have recently cleaned up his diet, and is now eating healthy most of the time. With that being said, pizza is his favorite, although he doesn’t get to eat it often anymore. Ah, the sacrifices we make to stay in shape!

PJ’s pet peeves include people who drive in the rain without their headlights on (it's a law damn it!), people who don't give him "the wave" when he lets them cross the street in front of his car (acknowledge his generosity with a courtesy wave!), people who chew ice (he hates that sound), and his main pet peeve is people who bring their babies to restaurants, sit in the smoking section, and puff away. His question is, “Maybe your 9 month old doesn't want a cigarette, did you think of that??”

I am proud to know PJ and thrilled that he makes Monticello Media his home base. Email PJ at:

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