Friday, September 25, 2009

Say "Hi" to Monticello Media's Chuck Johnston

Chuck Johnston will only say that he was born sometime in the last century! Chuck came on board with Monticello Media in October of 2007, and he is proud of our company's radio stations and interactive products.

Chuck has been in Radio Marketing on and off for nearly thirty years; his experience and expertise has brought great value to his clients. He has been in markets as large as Cincinnati and Columbus and as small as those in Charlottesville and Newport. Chuck has worked for large corporations and small individually-owned stations and has helped market small companies and large.

Chuck has also worked in the computer and cellular industries and for a broadcast equipment manufacturer, but keeps coming back to Radio.

When he is not working, he likes spending time with his wife of more than 38 years and their three grown children. Chuck also enjoys gardening, hiking, music, movies, reading and playing his old drums. He is also learning to play golf… again!

Chuck takes pride in his commitment to service, integrity and a quality product.

Email Chuck at You can also find him on LinkedIn:

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